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Lakeville City Snow Map

Dakota County Trail Map

Lakeville Trail Map:
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Dakota County Trail Map:
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Please help keep our trail conditions updated, Email this sites Webmaster with trail conditions:
Email Your Trail Report on Current Conditions

Minnesota Snowmobile Trail System

Click on link below and find the area or club you want to see, it will bring up that area of trails and on the right side it shows all the other trails that connect to it. Very nice!
Minnesota DNR Interactive Trails

Please, Remember To Stay On The Trails!

We work hard to maintain a good relationship with the land owners. If we lose their permission to use their land, then we lose the trails. Respect the property and trails that we maintain and ride on.
Thank You

Trail Grooming Schedules!

Our Groomer seems to run 24/7 when the snow conditions are right.
We take pride into grooming our trails to give you the best ride out there.
We also groom the Ritter Park Ski area for all you cross country skiers out there. We try and groom them every Monday and Thursday night.

Park and Ride Information

The Lakeville Sno-Trackers have 4 places that you can Park and Ride:

  • Kings Park  (This Park and Ride is closed, moved it to 180th and Cedar Ave) 
  • MVTA Bus Park and Ride (New Park and Ride, replacing Kings Park)
    18040 Cedar Avenue S, Lakeville, MN
  • Red Fox Tavern
    22815 Pillsbury Ave, Lakeville, MN
  • Lake Marion Boat Launch
    195th St W, Lakeville, MN
  • Behind Imperial Plastics Inc. Distribution Center
    21350 Cedar Ave S, Lakeville, MN


    • Don’t follow to Close
    • Don’t lag too far behind
    • You are responsible for the person behind you
      • When the sled behind you is no longer in sight, stop, and wait until it catches up.
      • Stop and look back at all intersections to be sure the sled behind you is there.
    • Do not pass each other on the trail rides
    • At rest stops, pull off as far to the right as possible and park in single file
    • Use hand signals when appropriate
      • Hand straight up when stopping or slowing for approaching sleds.
      • Arm straight out to the left for a left turn.
      • Left arm bent up 90 degrees for a right turn.
    • Keep to the right side of the trail as much as possible to avoid a collision with oncoming sleds
    • Persons who want to travel slower should stay to the front of the group or as close to the leader as possible
    • Persons who want to travel faster should stay to the rear of the group
    • Share the fun with the group